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A Piece of My Childhood Has Died Today


John Hughes

 February 18, 1950 ~ August 6, 2009


My New Hero: Fleece Johnson

"Havin' some booty was more important than drinkin' water, man... I like booty!"


Wow, this has been a project which has literally taken 5 fucking years to finish! -LOL I ended up scrapping my older poster (concept) cause I lost it, and since my Photoshop skills have improved since the first draft (which was 5 years ago) I figured it'd be cool to just start from scratch! -More shit to be added in time!

-- BETA POSTER - July, 03, 2009 --
(Funny company/personnel credits to be added in second beta.)

(Will be reworked eventually, lol back then I decided to drop the 'e' in Revengeance, but I've re-added it now cause I think it looks cooler.)


1. The Trapper Keepers - Dio (Theme From Revengeance The Movie) #
2. Kill The Virgins - REO Speedwagon
3. I'm Going To Fist You - Miles Davis
4. Oh Snap! - Kenny Rogers * +
5. Born IV Da Grave - Fleet-Hood-Mac 10 (Feat. $hizzlebyte, Little P, Black Atakk, Tenint T, Letta afta Z, Kum Stayn, Mopp Deep, and Elton John) #
6. S*** My D*** - U2 * +
7. Ich Bin Revengeance - Rammstein +
8. Training Montage - Some Dude on Monster Synth #
9. Pull Out Time (for more sexgasms) - Captain and Taneal +
10. I See Shit - Stevie Wonder
11. Suprise Sex - Josh Groban +
12. 10 Minutes Till Explode-gasm - Jerry Goldsmith #
13. Theme of The Victory High Five - Van Halen #
14. Ending Theme "We're All Fucked" - Survivor #

* - Tracks which include Random Arnold Schwarzenegger grunts/quotes.
+ - Tracks that no one will buy this soundtrack for.
# - Tracks you will probably end up downloading off the internet.

Childhood Heroes

Indiana Jones - The man, who always had a plan (or made things up as he went), that got the girl, the prize, and the glory... only to lose it all in the end, but shrug it off for the next adventure!

Bill Cosby -
I want a Cosby hug!

Joe Montana - Greatest Athlete/Man of All Time! He carried as much class on the field as he did off of it! -Set a good example for the youngins whilst being an NFL superstar athlete/legend! (Dream on, Tom Brady.)

Peter Gabriel - His music/videos BLEW MY MIND as a kid, and most of his videos/songs serve as probably the greatest artistic inspirations within my own life! -This was during a time when music videos were really pure/creative, and you'd leave VH1/MTV on all day while you were playing/doing homework, enriching yourself within the cultured ambiance! 

Arnold Schwarzenegger - I wouldn't even know where to start, without going into a 2 page essay as to why he's sofa king badass!

Ellen Ripley - Smart, strong, and independently resourceful woman; she didn't take shit off of anybody! -Not to mention I also had a huge crush on Sigourney Weaver as a child (thanks to Ghostbusters). -Hell, she's (Sigourney) still lookin' good today!


MacGyver -
Name speaks for itself.

Hulk Hogan -Taught me to eat my vitamins, drink my milk, and stay away from the nasty bits... well most of the nasty bits, lol!

Cobra Commander -
Mofo had a cape and a jewel-stemmed cane!

Snake Plissken - Futuristic gun-slinging, flood-surfing, one-eyed outlaw/rebel. -A pure inspiration! 

Early Influences Pt. 1

Looking back, I really watched/listened to a lot of avant garde shite as a youngin'. -VH1 and MTV ran some of the most ecclectic/underground music programs past 10 PM within the early 90's (my fav of course being 120 Minutes on MTV... back when they ACTAULLY RAN MUSIC VIDEOS!)

In fact I wouldn't know where to begin, but I think some my biggest musical influences/likes of today stem from post-punk/classic rock, snyth-pop, and electronica. I remember VH1 (in the early, early 90's) would play this one video by (my now most favorite) German synth-pop band Propaganda titled: P.Machinery. It was really, really interesting to watch, specially when I couldn't even understand at the time what the hell was going on in the vid... hell I still don't understand, but I always had a weird thing for the woman in white (lead singer Claudia Brücken with the German nose)! :P



Burglars flee after realizing they've broken into Dolph Lundgren's house

Posted: April 26, 2009, 9:39 PM by Ron Nurwisah

A couple of Spanish burglars got a surprise when they broke into a house, tied up a woman who was inside and then realized that they had broken into the home of tough guy actor Dolph Lundgren.

The Daily Mail has the story:

The masked raiders tied up the star's wife and terrorised her into handing over cash and jewellery by threatening her with knives.

But they cut short their raid on the house near Marbella, Spain, after spotting a family photo of the action star and his children in one of the bedrooms.

Luckily for the gang, Lundgren - most famous for playing Russian boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV - was out.

Lundgren isn't just a tough guy on screen, he's a karate black belt, still has a fighting figure at age 52 from an intensive workout regime and recently participated in an exhibition match with a Russian boxer, which you can see here.

The story also reveals one tidbit about Lundgren, the man has a Masters in Chemical Engineering and a 160 IQ. Yet he's known to most of the world as this guy?

Movie Title: 17 Again (2009)

Oh. My. God... I can now die a happy man knowing that I'm going to see a movie involving Matthew Perry morphing into Zac Efron at the expense of an already over-used plot genre about a middle-aged yuppie that hates his life, so he magically turns into a younger teenage yuppie with soul-less eyes.

What heartless, demonic bastard conjured up the idea of grouping two of the most border-line gay/shitty white actors together for one feature length film about white suburbanite yuppies with problems? -10,000 other plots which could have been re-used/recycled and this is what Hollywood gives us? -Did TBS just lose the rights to this movie; how the fuck can a god-awful piece of shit like this even warrant a cent of production money!?

If the they wanna make this real, why don't they just make a movie called "GROW THE FUCK UP!" -It would star Kieth David as the dad, and Ice. T as the son - and it would be about Keith David beating the kid with a chain until he moves out of the fucking house (something like Dead Presidents meets Big; but with more Keith David, and less Tom Hanks).

Keith David starring in "I'm Fucking Pist Part II."

But Fuck you Zac Efron, and your soul-less fucking eyes, what putrid son of a bitch died and made you the king of glam? -Zac Efron should be thrown into a sewer river of acid and pharmaceutical waste. But who knows... it could only make a mutant of his caliber stronger... and more appealing to an already horrid class of misdirectioned female youth.

Anyways, I loved this movie the first time when it was called:



The death toll is at least 1,230 -- HEADS COME OFF, LEGS FLY INTO THE AIR, PEOPLE GET SHOT IN HALF... and just when you think enough is enough, here COMES A MOTHERFUCKING BOAT WITH A FLAME THROWER ATTACHED TO IT!!! --No shitting, this movie is so violent, it makes any shock/horror/Korean action flick look like a pile of amateur SHIT!

This is the best movie I've seen in ages. FLAME BOATS!!! GO SEE IT, it's worth every motherfucking penny.

Here are the Results:


May the experience be your experience

Just in time for the holidays Bill Duke has re-furbished his
mountain-missile-command base -nestled deep in Moses, Montana- and has converted it into a FAMILY FUN CASINO AND THEME PARK!!! Above just gambling, the Jim Belushi Acting Workshop, and the luscious swimming pools (one dead body per-pool), Bill Duke also offers:

-Stripper lessons for kids.
-Create your own Murder scene.
-How to field dress a blind person.
-Wine Tasting vineyard (for kids and adults).
-Wooden Box elderly Care Center. (We put the old in wooden boxes during the duration of your trip.)
-Lesbian Ranch.
-Lobster Buffet...


Sign up today, your life could depend on it.

Here is the downloadable form.


Send it in a dirty envelope to "Jerry" -he'll be the guy with no arms who talks to invisible animals behind the Wendy's. The Wendy's on CRACK STREET.